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We are a family owned restaurant and pub operating since 2000. Come in and enjoy a perfectly poured Guinness and one of our great burgers.

Best selection of Irish Whiskeys & beers in Central Missouri. We have 16 beers on draught. 
Serving nightly dinner specials including fresh cut steaks.
Closed Sundays & Mondays. Kitchen opens at 4 Tue - Fri. and at 3 Sat.

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Besides its People, Guinness Stout is Ireland's most famous export. 
But for years, Americans have not been able to get decent pint of Guinness in the States, and people who have been to Ireland always complain that the pints are better there than here. But now, because of the speed trans Atlantic air cargo, and Guinness's dedication to providing a quality product. Here is why our Guinness is better than any other you will find in this part of the world.

Guinness kegs are kept refrigerated and arrive in America from Dublin within THREE days after leaving the St. James Gate Brewery. With the dedication of our national distributor, Diageo, and our local distributor, Fechtel Beverage, Paddy Malone's is able to bring you a pint of Guinness that only two weeks before was still in the vats in Dublin. And Paddy Malone's sells at least five kegs of Guinness each week!!

Proper Presentation 
Our Guinness pints are poured in the traditional Irish Two Stage pour, where the pint is first filled 3/4 of the way, allowed to settle, and then finished for the perfect pour, allowing for the classic Guinness presentation of dark black body and creamy white head. This takes a bit longer (actually at least 2 minutes) but, as any true Guinness drinker will tell you, it is well worth the wait!

Proper Mix of Nitrogen and CO2 
Many places that muck about with having Guinness on tap simply use straight CO2 as their beer gas. Other may use a mix of 50% nitrogen and 50% CO2, and others a 70% to 30% ratio. But Paddy Malone's goes the extra and uses the St. James Gate Brewery recommended 80% nitrogen and 20% CO2, and a proper infuser tap to insure a creamy, smooth texture and clean taste

So, the next time you are enjoying a pint of Guinness at Paddy Malone's, remember that your not just drinking a beer, you are drinking the waters from the Wicklow Mountains, Hops from the rolling fields of Waterford and Wexford, and Barley from the Plains of West Meath- a little bit of Ireland in a glass, and it's the best you can get this side of Galway Bay!


An irish Legacy